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Mr Tan, P6 English @ Redhill

Im glad I decided to engage James to prepare my child for his PSLE exams. He knows the subject well and is always well prepared for lessons.

Mrs Afiyah, P5 Maths @ Eunos

My son enjoys his home tuition lessons. Thank you for the tutor you have chosen. Its a great relief that my son is improving under her.

Mrs Lee, Sec 4 Math @ Toh Guan Road

Thank you for recommending Pauline to teach my son A Math. Pauline has helped to clarify his doubts and prepared him for his O level. The agency has definitely made a good match for my son.

Junting, H2 Economics @ Simei

Jovan is a patient and dedicated tutor who taught me a lot of skills in economics which I would otherwise be clueless about. He is always punctual and prepared for lessons, allowing them to take place smoothly

Collin, H2 Chemistry @ Upper Thompson Road

Hong Li is a very dedicated tutor. Using the online tools provided by TuitionBean, he made chemistry revision structured which has helped my son to overcome difficulties in understanding

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