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Tuition Rates

How Much? Which tutor type will be the most suitable for my child? And how do I choose the best combination of cost and tutor's experience for my child? If you are asking these questions, you are exactly at the right page. This page will answer all your queries surrounding those issues.

The competitive tuition rates quoted here will help you estimate and predict the tuition fees for your home tuition. These rates are average tuition fees from past assignments and should be taken as a reference only.

Also, acquiring this information will allow you to find the most suitable tutor type that is the precise fit for your child's education. Here are some advices to assist you in simplifying your tutor decision:

  1. The weaker your child is in that subject, the more sophisticated the tutor you should be looking at.
  2. The more technical and specialized the subject is, the higher the qualification of the tutor you should explore.
  3. If the tuition fees exceed your budget, apply for that tutor type anyway! Our coordinators specialize in haggling prices and will help you to obtain your desired tutor solution.


Student tutor: They are Alevel, Polytechnic or equivalent pre-university education graduates who are sufficiently competent and confident to provide tuition in certain subjects. They are most familiar with current syllabus and, being recent graduates, able to empathize with the students taking their national examinations. Students might also feel more comfortable and relatable with them since the age gap is smaller.

Upper Primary$18 - $23
Lower Primary$15 - $20
Lower Secondary$25 - $30
Higher Secondary$28 - $35
Junior College 1$30 - $40
Junior College 2$35 - $45

Are you dazed by the numbers or are still unsure of the choices? Contact Our Experienced Coordinators at 9825 5838 or 9362 6436 Now for a Non-Obligatory Free Consultation. Expect us to listen intently to your situation and build a personalized tuition solution to cater to just you and your child. Join other parents and call us now!

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