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Our Guarantee

No Quality, No Payment 


Why should you pay the tuition fees if the home tutor is incompatible?

30 days of sleepless night and anxiety worrying about your child's upcoming major examination and deciding whether to get home tuition. 5 days of navigating through a forest of information about home tutors. 3 days interviewing all the possible candidates, to only shortlist a tutor who has a teaching style incompatible with your son. And what's more, you have to pay the tuition fees for those very useless lessons to only understand that you need to find a new tutor for your child. If you are unlucky, the whole process repeats itself.

This is exhausting, wasteful and most importantly, unproductive for your child and your wallet.

We hope that you share our belief that there is no reason you have to pay for a tutor whom you are unsatisfied with.

And to show that we are fully committed to find you a suitable tutor, you are guaranteed to receive free home tuition for the next tutor if you find the first unsatisfactory.


Home Tutor guarantee


Allow PapaBean to illustrate the process:


Ideal Home Tutor


Home Tuition

Affordable Home tuition

 Reliable Home Tuition



Our guarantee will empower you to make a confident decision to employ our service. You will also gain trust that we too would want to find the best tutor for your child.

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