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Optimized Home Tuition

Home Tutor Singapore

Concerned Parents:

Please raise up your hands if you wish for any of the following for your child:

  • More time for play & fun
  • Less stress for your child
  • Less tuition lessons for your child
  • Effective home tuition for your child
  • To be 100% prepared for his examinations

Mother: Ah boy ah, shall we go eat dinner tonight?

Ah Boy : Sorry mum, I need to finish my home tuition homework tomorrow…

Like other parents, you have a big dilemma – you want to secure your child’s academic success by employing an experienced home tutor for him. Yet, you understand that such a choice will result in him being more stressed, having less play & family time and more homework. How can I create a school-life balance for my child?

What if you could cast a spell on your child’s home tuition that could make it organized and structured? And what if this spell can smoothen the humps and bumps of home tuition and makes his studying more efficient and effective? Can you imagine the elephant loads of time your child will save and at the end of his examination, still achieve that sweet, sweet "A" on his report card?

Magic dust does not exist in home tuition but BeanTech does:

BeanTech is an uniquely developed in-house and taps on concepts of Rapid Skill Acquisition (RSA) and other learning models. It is specifically designed for Home tuition. to ensure that your child learns well & fast from his home tuition lessons and allowing him to achieve…

- Spending Less time Studying yet still do well

- More Family and Leisure Time

- No More Panicking before Examination

- Higher Chance to Secure better Results for your child

Less talk,more show, let's review a case study of Stephanie, a primary 3 student, to see how powerful BeanTech is to enhance your child's learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Stephanie Leow Case Study (2014)

It was 2014 and Stephanie was primary 3. Her mother, Mdm Leow, believes that she must have a solid foundation in English. She chanced upon TuitionBean's website and discovers that TuitionBean provides tuition-matching services with innovative learning technology that boost learning efficiency. She contracted them to hire Mr Lee, a NIE-trained English teacher, as a private home tutor for Stephanie.

After the first lesson, Mr Lee discovers several gaps in Stephanie's writing skills and plans to focus on her writing skills.

He broke down Stephanie's weakness in her composition writing to 3 areas – Grammar, Vocab and Storylines – and used BeanPlan to create 3 individual lessons plans for Stephanie.Each lesson has its own objective, outline and states clearly the resources needed. This resulted in a well-structured home tuition lesson that allowed Stephanie to quickly and effectively acquire the necessary skills in composition writing. Exactly the enchantment she needed for her home tuition.

Stephanie then combined BeanPlan with the calendar function of BeanTime to chart out her schedule clearly. Knowing that her first lesson was on grammar, she revised her grammar prior to the lesson aiding in her learning.

Multiple Tutors? Not an issue with BeanPlan. Stephanie easily labels Mr Lee with a green highlight and Miss Tan, her new mathematics teacher with a white highlight. Even with more tutors, Stephanie can easily distinguish between different home tutors on her BeanTime. (Mr Lee being her favourite home tutor, she tags him with her favourite colour green!)

Fast-forward to October. Oh no! 1 weeks left to the year–end examination. What did Stephanie learn in August with home tutor Mr Lee? A common problem faced by students when they forgot what they have learnt a long, long time ago. Do not panic…

Scrolling back to August in her BeanTime, Stephanie reviews past lessons and refreshes the different types of vocabulary taught to her, what to take note for grammar and different storylines to be used for composition writing. And what's more, after the first writing lesson, Mr Lee listed down the mistakes she had made during the home tuition and this helped her to revisit those mistakes easily for an effective revision.

With proper revision from his home tuition, her final examination was a breeze and she scored an A+ for her English!

During revision, Stephanie could easily access the teaching materials used by Mr Lee with BeanFile which helped her to revise her English. Furthermore, with designated storage spaces for his home tutors, she did not mix up Mr Lee's work with Miss Tan’s and this enhanced her learning speed. No more pre-exam panic when notes are missing, no more messy emails between tutor and student and no more notes-hunting with BeanFile!

So, have you optimized your child’s home tuition?

You can confidently expect your child’s learning efficiency to spike with the usage of these learning technologies for home tuition that cannot be found elsewhere. He will learn more efficiently, revise past works easily and will have more time for the elusive dinner with your family.

And that’s not all. These tools are offered to you together with home tutor matching services all with the objective of enhancing your child's Tuition Experience. We want to be more than a tuition agency to you.

Convert the "I need to finish my homework" to "I have finished my homework" with TuitionBean and optimize your child's home tuition today!

Do you want to feel and touch BeanTech before using it? Contact us at 93211148 or 9825 5838 to receive a free trial!