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Finding Home Tuition

Singapore Home Tuition

Finding a good home tutor for your child is no mean feat. And it gets even tougher when you want to create the Best Tuition Experience for your child. The entire volume of Tuition Experience can be broken down mainly into 3 phases – The Eye, The Handshake and the Book. Armed with this knowledge, you are well-positioned to create an A grade tuition for your child.

The 3 Stages of Finding a Home Tutor

1) The Eye

You are currently at this stage. Don’t worry, it is the starting line for everyone. Here, you will be gathering information on how to find a home tutor, be it from Google, your friends or print ads. Once you have navigated the entire universe and found the best tutor (or what you think it is), you must get into the gruesome process of contacting the tutor and enter into a sparring debate on the fees, location, schedule, tuition materials, teaching methods, … and colour of the tie.

This is where a tuition agency comes in to help you filter the candidates and negotiate for you. They will help you resolve all the irksome details and give you a home tutor. However, this is also where most tuition agencies stop. They will be nowhere to be found after the deal is done. But, the journey to collect the home tutor has just begun.

2) The Handshake

Have you played a game of Jenga before (Taking turns to pull a log out until someone collapses the building)? The second stage tests whether you have to rebuild the whole setup if your home tutor is incompatible.

The deal has been inked and you shake hands with your home tutor. Your child must now start to get used to the tutor (or vice versa). Is he comfortable with the teaching style? Is he intimidated by the attitude? Is the tutor as good as he sounds to be? Trust and rapport start to develop between them and they begin to work together to grow your child’s grades. This phase can range from one week to several months.

However, parents become frustrated when the home tutor does not deliver results as irresponsibly promised by the tuition agency. What’s more, you are compelled to pay the tutor for those worthless lessons that do not help your child at all. Yes, changing tutor will be free, the tuition agency boasts, but trialling new tutors aren’t. Won’t it be great if you can get free trial of your tutors for the first few weeks?

Yes, a free trial of lessons is exactly what TuitionBean promises if the first tutor isn’t compatible. We want to lubricate your child’s home tutor hiring process and prevent burning holes in your wallet from trialling home tutors. Find out more about Our Guarantee here!

3) The Book

The messy business of searching and trialling is over and time to get down to serious work. You found an ideal tutor for your child. Both your child & the home tutor commit time for tuition and home tuition becomes a routine. Your child works with the tutors to revise & prepare for examinations. And that’s the end of the 3 stages. The fairy-tale ending? Hopefully an A! But can we do better?

At this stage, all tuition agencies will probably hide in the woods and become non-involved… only to return and collect your testimonials 9 months later when you child scores an A.

Instead we believe that a tuition agency is in a favourable position to make your child’s rocky academic journey towards an “A” a smoother one. Leveraging on our knowledge of home tuition, learning models and web technology, we developed (and are still developing newer) learning technologies to lift your child’s ability towards academic excellenceClick here to learn more about how we can secure your child’s academic success, together.


Providing not just a tutor, but a tuition experience. You will definitely be delighted to employ TuitionBean as your exclusive Tuition Agency and feel the dedication they exude towards your child’s success.

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