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General FAQ

Is TuitionBean registered in Singapore?

Yes. TuitionBean LLP is registered in Singapore under the business number T15LL1269B

What would you do with my personal data?

The privacy of your data is handled the way it is set out in our privacy policy. In summary, we respect your privacy and will not sell your information. We will only reveal your private information when required by the law.

Students FAQ

How do I request for a tutor?

Simply fill up the form at "Request for tutor". TuitionBean will shortlist for you a group of tutors that match your requirements and call you to assist you in selecting your preferred tutor. Once the decision has been made, we will arrange a date and time for your first lesson. You will also be able to gain access to our online learning system.

Alternatively, you can also call us directly at 98255838 or 93626436 to submit your request.

How much do I have to pay to request for a tutor?

Our matching services are absolutely free! Sign up now! Commission is collected from the tutors!

What are the rates for tutors?

The hourly rates for home tutors can be found at the tutor request form after selecting the level of qualifications you are looking for in your tutors. The rates provided are a rough guide based on average rates quoted by our tutors. TuitionBean will try its best to keep the rates relevant and updated. You can indicate your budget and TuitionBean will try its best to match you with a tutor that best suits your requirements.

Does TuitionBean verify tutor’s qualification?

Yes, we verify all certificates that the tutor uploads. If you wish to see it in hard copy, you can request the tutor to bring it down.

Here at TuitionBean, we are serious in ensuring that our tutors qualifications are accurate. Contact us immediately if the tutor’s qualifications are found to be inaccurate or if the tutor is unable to show prove of his/her qualifications.

How do I make the initial tuition fee payment?

After confirmation of your preferred tutor, you will receive an invoice with the details of the tuition and initial tuition fee. To make payment, simply do a bank transfer to our account or write a check to us. The instructions can be found in the invoice. You only pay us when you are satisfied with the tutors we have found for you!

How do I contact TuitionBean?

You can contact us via the Contact us page. You can also call us directly at 98255838 or 93626436 and our friendly staffs at TuitionBean will gladly answer your queries.

How do you enhance my tuition experience?

To enhance learning and ensure the students keep track of their learning journey, we have introduced the Lesson Plan and the Workbin. Students and tutors will leverage on this platform to provide basic structure for lessons while sharing resources through our website.
Base on feedbacks and comments, we will try to continuously improve our eLearning portal and implement new innovative software to assist your child in learning.

What if I am dissatisfied with the tutor after the first lesson?

If you are dissatisfied with the tutor, contact us immediately! We will immediately change a new tutor for you.

With our 4tutors guarantee you will not have to worry until we find you a suitable tutor match!

Tutor FAQ

How do I apply for or receive tuition assignments as a tutor?

To apply for a tuition assignment, register with us as a tutor and proceed to the assignment page to apply for any available tuition assignments. TuitionBean will broadcast available tuition assignments via email daily. Subscribe to our daily feed by providing your email in the subscription box on the right hand side.

How much commission does TuitionBean charge to the tutor?

TuitionBean will charge a commission equivalent to 50% of the first month’s tuition fees to the tutor directly. The client will pay the commission upfront upon the confirmation of the assignment. Subsequent tuition fees will be paid directly to the tutor from the client.

Disputes of services rendered

A client may dispute that a tutor has rendered poor service and therefore refuse payment. TuitionBean will then conduct an investigation in an attempt to dissolve the dispute. However, if the tutor is able to provide strong evidence that the lesson was conducted properly, we will proceed with billing.
If a client still refuses to pay, TuitionBean will proceed with legal action via Small Claims Tribunal depending on the amount involved.

Cheating cases

TuitionBean has an unforgiving stance on cheating cases, which include, though non-exhaustive, arranging additional lessons without informing the agency, understating and paying different tuition fees and providing false credentials to the agency.

If found out, the tutor account will be closed permanently and a police report may be made.

How do I sign up as a tutor?

Registration is free. To sign up as a tutor, simply go to our registration page and fill in your particulars. Do remember to email your certificates to for verification purposes. There will be no additional charges levied upon the tutor for account closure or administrative matters.

What are the requirements to sign up as a tutor?

You must be at least 16 years old and possess at least an Olevel or equivalent academic certificate. If you would like to teach a non-academic subject like music, you must possess a professional certificate for that particular skill.

How do I close my account?

In the event that you wish to discontinue your partnership with TuitionBean, simply send a request to to shut down your tutor account. We will proceed and delete all data of you that we possess.

We would want to continuously enhance this agency-tutor partnership and is regretful that you might want to terminate your account. We hope that you can provide a feedback via here.

Why was my tutor account closed?

Your tutor account might be closed for various reasons. There are a few reasons why your account may have been closed:
1. Your NRIC was found to be invalid.
2. The phone number you registered with us is invalid.
3. You did not turn up for a first lesson
4. You were uncontactable for a prolonged period
5. You last login 1 year ago
6. We have receive a complaint from the customer and have begun investigation.
If you find that your account has been closed and wish to enable it again, you may contact us and provide us your email. We will do a review and enable it again.

How do I submit all relevant documents to TuitionBean?

You may email all certificates and documents to, indicating your Full name in the subject to authenticate your certificates.

Certificates requirement

For your certificate to be accepted, you need to ensure the following:
1. Organisation or school emblem and authorised signatories has to appear on the cert
2. The text on the certificate has to be legible
3. The resolution of the certificate image has to be 100dpi or higher
4. The certificate should be scanned in full. Partial certificate will be rejected.
5. The certificate has to be scanned in colour or grayscale. Black and white images may not be accepted, depending on the quality.
6. The certificate has to be relevant to what you are teaching
7. We will not accept result slip if the certificates for that year has already been issued
8. If your certificate is in a language other than English or Chinese, you need to email us the full translation of the certificate.

Is it necessary to upload my photo?

After the initial round of filtering, we will attempt to send the tutor’s profile to the client which will include your profile photo, if any. Having a friendly or professionally-taken photo will improve the client’s impression of you and increases your chance of getting shortlisted.

What is the difference between the different grades of tutor?

The different grades of tutor relate to their educational level:

Student tutor: They are Alevel, Polytechnic or equivalent pre-university education graduates who are sufficiently competent and confident to provide tuition in certain subjects. They are most familiar with current syllabus and, being recent graduates, able to empathize with the students taking their national examinations. Students might also feel more comfortable and relatable with them since the age gap is smaller.

Undergraduate: Tutors that are currently pursuing a degree in a private or public. These tutors will be pursuing a related degree indicating that they have a deeper depth of knowledge and possess passion for the subject they are teaching.

Graduate: They are tutors who have graduated and obtained at least a degree. Having completed a degree, they display high competency in a niche subject. Likewise, the majority of them would be more experienced in providing home tuition. They are more sought after by parents who value the credentials of the tutor.

Ex/Current teacher (NIE-trained): These tutors have undergone training at the National Institute of Education and have held or currently hold a formal teaching position in a school. With a professional certificate in education they are best able to effectively communicate and teach educational materials. They are also able to identify focus of study as well as spot questions that may possibly appear in tests or examinations.This group of tutors are the most demanded by parents and command the highest home tuition rates.

What is auto-apply?

Auto-apply is a unique system that TuitionBean has created for our tutors to reduce the hassle when applying for assignments. Unmonitored, it will help the tutor to apply for assignments that he or she might be interested in.

How does auto-apply work?

After registering with TuitionBean, proceed to the auto-apply option in the tutor’s dashboard and indicate your preference in the tuition assignments. Once done, you may simply log off and TuitionBean will automatically apply for any available assignments at once that tally with your mentioned preference. A SMS will be sent first to indicate that an assignment has been applied and once you have been shortlisted by the client, TuitionBean will contact you immediately to confirm the assignment.
Simply update the auto-apply and await the shortlisting!

How often do I have to update my auto-apply?

You will only have to update the auto-apply if your status has changed.

To prevent abuse and filter out idle tutors, it is important that you deactivate the auto-apply once you become unavailable. To reactivate it, simply sign in again to on the auto-apply.

We will deactivate your auto-apply should you not respond to our SMS prompts.

How do I prepare for the first lesson?

This checklist ensures that you are well-prepared for the first lesson:
1. Prior to the first lesson, you should contact the student and plan for the first lesson.
2. Bring along any relevant teaching materials to the lesson.
3. Have the full address of the customer.
4. Bring your relevant certificates and your NRIC.

What might I have done that could expose me to legal liability?

Any acts that can amount to physical, psychological or sabotage in the student’s grades will not be tolerated and be reported to the police. Other misdemeanours include cheating, default in payments and absenteeism after the confirmation of an assignment.
TuitionBean would like to remind tutors that an enormous degree of trust is invested upon them to tutor the student effectively. Nothing short of exemplary behaviour will be expected of the tutor.

I have been shortlisted! How do I confirm an assignment?

Congratulations on being shortlisted!
Our coordinator will contact you to confirm the assignment and TuitionBean will require you to reply via email to the terms and condition with your name at the end (as a signature) to endorse the terms and condition. Once received, the tuition job will be assigned to you.