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About Us

TuitionBean’s Mission

To perfect the home tuition experience and empower students to learn in the best way possible.

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Our Philosophy:  4 Things That We Know Are True


 #1 Seek Value for Our Client First, All Else Will Follow

You are at the core of our business and there is no other greater priority than creating value for you. We focus our resources on three expertise and they include information seeking, negotiations and post-match learning. We assist you in finding tutors in our tutor pool which is constantly being refined and deepened. We are trained to negotiate with our tutors to make best tutor solutions for you. We invest in our BeanTech to empower your child to learn better. The business aspect will naturally fall into place if these exist.

#2 What is Best Today Might Not Be Tomorrow

We must be humbled and understand that change is the only constant. Learning and adapting to our dynamic environment then becomes key. To this end, we ceaselessly invest in broadening and developing our BeanTech, tutor pool and the outreach of our services. We are constantly anticipating your needs so that our home tutor solutions will always be relevant to you.

 #3 To Hear And To Listen Are Two Different Things

No two clients are the same and this requires us to present personalized tutor solutions for each of our client. But to do so, we must practise empathetic communication. Words will convey your request but we will listen intently to your needs and think in your shoes. Only by doing so can we design accurate and valuable home tutor solutions for you.

#4 Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be Shared

Our stance on information has been stated in our Privacy Policy but this merits its own exposition. TuitionBean treasures your confidentiality and has thoughtfully implemented measures to uphold that. Your home tutor request is always published without any private information that you entrust us with and we will only supply the minimum quantum of information for tutors to contact you once you have chosen your home tutor. Likewise, we regard the sale of your information to be a sin and will never trade them, even for the world.

                                     Our Values

Operation Transparency   Listen, listen and listen
Problem Solving With Initiative   Excellence for Client and Ourselves
Honour All Pacts   Tenacity in the face of Hardship
Be Sensitive & Empathetic    Be Informed and Relevant
Inventive   Pragmatism in crafting solutions


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